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What sets Lack’s Cleaning Service apart from our competition?

Lack’s Cleaning Service isn’t just about being the best carpet cleaner in the valley. We educate our clients on the importance of having a clean, healthy home. Most people don’t even think about the microscopic creepy critters that are crawling through their homes. We offer a wide range of services to give them the healthy home they deserve.


Carpet Cleaning

We use truck mounted steam-cleaning equipment with a rotary assist wand that gets a deep down clean on all sides of the carpet fibers. We use certified green clean products whenever possible. These products contain no soaps, perfumes or dyes so they won’t leave behind that sticky, dirt-attracting residue. They also won’t irritate allergies and are completely safe for pets and children. More Info


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Are you tired of getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing those filthy grout lines with a toothbrush? Well now you don’t have to! We can help maintain the look of your floors with ease. Our professional cleaning solutions paired with our high-powered cleaning equipment will thoroughly remove excess dirt and oils from your tile and grout, preserving the life of your floor for years to come. More Info


Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that the same allergens and pollutants that settle on your carpet can settle on your upholstery too? Plus the dirt and oil from your skin and hair transfer to your upholstery every time you sit down. Our high-pressure steam cleaning system can remove those damaging oils and pollutants and restore them so they look and feel just like new. More Info

Air Duct Cleaning

icon-10Carpet and upholstery are not the only places for pollutants to gather and lurk. Dust, dirt and allergens can also circulate through your air ducts, aggravating allergies and breathing problems like asthma. Our special duct cleaning equipment can remove those harmful elements, trapping them in HEPA filters and completely removing them from your home. After we finish cleaning, we spray the ducts with a special sanitizer. Schedule an appointment today, and eliminate those pollutants that are circulating through the air, settling on your furniture and affecting your daily health. More Info